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19 March 2008


you were everything i wanted,

you were everything a GUY could be..

but you left me broken hearted,

now, you dont mean a thing to me..

all i wanted was your

Hate is a strong word, but i really, really dont like you..

now that its over,

i dont even know what i liked about you..

brought you around,

but you just brought me down..

Hate is a strong word, but i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY dont like you..

surely u guys pnah dgr this song kan..but i alter the lyric a bit at the beginning..mmm..yeh, i really dont like someone la..heh..and i have a good reason for not liking him anymore..haha..(rahsia laa) laaa..xde idea laa nak citer aper

12 March 2008

HecTic LiFE!!

hye guys..sorry for not writting for such a looooooong time..heh..been very very very extravaganza busy..project papers, assgnments + with few interviews need to be conducted!argghhh..interview..hate it..difficult to deal with those "SuPer Busy People"..and at last we've made it..yeah..
Last week me n fellow frens went to Nikko Hotel which is at Jalan Ampang for interview with the Director of Sales and Marketing department..luckily the director was friendly la..he even offered us a drinks.! usually for big hotels or a 5 stars hotel laa kan,they dont even care to entertain a person who didn bring profit for the company..which in malay we said.."menghabeh kan boreh yo"..but then, he also willingly helped us for the room inspection..and gosh! rooms provided are soo stylo with all the exclusove!and wat makes me more excited was the washroom in the premier room..there's a big glass other meaning, we can "skodeng2" whoever in the washroom..hahah..soo not suitable for family laa tapi..haha..but overall, those rooms was soo cantik..mmm. n, i hv few pics here: =)

the group members..anip, en zol, amal, saidah n me..+ ida the fotographer!hehe

hehe..see...beshnyer...can skodeng2 maa..hahah..suitable for business travelers and honeymooners.hehe..
ok laa guys..hv loads of work to finish off..hehe..daaa~