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29 March 2009

CuTi CuTi MaLaYsiA~ di HoTeL

Sorry for the loOoOoOng Silence~

Been very busy wif work + busy enjoying LIFE!hehe..(malas nak update sbenarnye..but someone's waiting for this post la!)hahah

huhu..yup!went to Ganu mase school holiday dat day..not really cuti2 Malaysia la...its actually cuti2 di hotel..

i wasnt so interested to visit any interesting yet boring places in Ganu actually..but what made me soo damn hell excited was.. i finally had the chance to meet this 2 person..that i really2 miss!!

met my dearest bestest budd ever , ida..

and, my dearest adek..intan..after 5 years!

and i want nothing else..~ EXCEPT for this kind of pose..hahah..

sedang berdoa..hati terdetik.."ape kene laa berok 2 ekor nih..cett"
hehe.. i'll post more pics on ganu trip later ok?