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30 September 2008

selamat Hari raya

before its too late for me to wish..mmm
to all my blog readers,
sorry if i did anything wrong,
sorry if i have hurt you in any ways,
sorry for any jokes that u cant accept,
sorry for everything..
Selamat Hari Raya!

18 September 2008

ME & AraBianS and arabians??

ok..these are the connections...

1) this is me, in my working at MAS for Saudi Airlines...

this is one of my boss..Mr Abd Rahman a.k.a Farouq (kumpulan gagak hitam)..hehe! he's BL*** arabian..u shud hear the way he nak buat RappIng!hahaha

this is my fav abdullah..he's soo sporting..and im his new BM teacher!..the first sentense he said to me was.."saya mahu cium bibir kamu"..OMG! he loves laughing and singing too!

this one is mr's nice too..but a bit bad tempered..he will throw anything on his table that is not HIS belongings, without asking first!but when he's on "the right track", he's OK! his job is to inspect all components in the aircraft..every single thing..the cabins, the doors,the lavatories, the coffee makers and even a small thing..thats a lot of work actually..

and, he brought me to see the aircraft...the Saudi Arabian aircraft..

the next saudi airlines' cabin crew!hahah..
ok..some of u guys knew that dad's working in Arab..(another connection)..heh..n this is dad's fren, ummu turki..(actually her name is najwa)..ummu turki stands for "turki's mum"..thats wat we called her coz its the way to show some respect to her..
buka puasa @ palace of d golden horses with umi..
me and her youngest daughter,maria..
i wonder laa..maybe my future hubby will be an arabian man too..hahah..OMG!
chow chendolicious

03 September 2008


hurm..y d heck that no one tells me bout HARRY POTTER & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE ( movie) been delayed to JULY 2009???

so.. frustrated..

have to wait for nearly a year more!


01 September 2008


to all Readers, (if i had laa)huhu

SelamAt menyAmbuT bUlan RamaDhan Al-Mubarak..