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24 April 2008


Perhubungan Jarak Jauh or Long Distance Relationship..

Most of us think that this type of relationship is not "going anywhere" kan? Mm..why ek??Yeah maybe its hard to trust someone now..even ur own balak..kan?(especially!). Bt, i wonder why..if u dont trust that guy from the start, why the heck that u agreed to be his awek??mmm..

actually both of them (awek+balak) kene laa trust and be loyal to each other..then only, this type of relationship, gonna be real..

but for me, i think long distance relationship is much more better than jumpe ur balak everyday..kan?ok..lets think ek..

if u have a balak who is now staying at Aussie..katakan la~korang akan ade mase untk diri sendiri kan?in fact u can lepak n hang out with ur frens without need to "report" to someone..kan? the same thing goes to ur balak laa..where he also can lepak n enjoy himself laa kat sana..

then biler ur balak tuh balik je malaysia, both of u guys will cheerish that moment like hell laa..coz, thats the only time u got to manje2 n syg2 with ur balak kan..

compared to couple yg slalu jumpe, asal jumpe je, gado..asal gado je jumpe..heheh..sebab gado??mm..sebab that gurl akan ckp kat balak die..

"owh..u nih asyik spend time ngn ur frens jer..kenapa ha?biler i nk hang out ngn my frens u xbg..its not fair laa cmtuh"

that mamat lak will say

"since when i xbg u lepak ngn ur frens?u tuh yg nak berkepit je ngn i 24 hours..sampai naik rimas"

hahah..end up..both of them akan salah kan each other..

but, i know..not every every couple camtuh..and not every couple yg practice LDR akan happy..of cos laa! but at least, i think the LDR couple will reduce the chance to BREAK UP their relationship..unless, ur balak had another gurl laa kat sana and he already cheated on you with that gurl..owh..dat is soooo damn sedey..huhu

as for me, we are all human..and we need our own private time without anyone sitting besides us..we do have secrets to be kept without telling anyone bout it..we all have the rights to control our own life.. so, dont u ever control ur balak or ur awek ketat sgt..ok..its ok to be jealous, coz it shows that u love that person..but not too jealous laa..later that person will get "sick with you"..hahah..anyway, someone told me that..

"relationship nih macam pasir..semakin kite genggam, semakin ia terlerai"mm..i wonder who that someone laa!!hahahah..

means that the more you control that person, the more chances you gonna lose them..


22 April 2008


i know..most of u guys still have 2 face this boring situation lg kan..??exam.. i bet, nobody likes exam..rite?mmm..penat laa nak exam..but i wonder..exam penat or work is much more penat???exam penat nak study..penat rase keje mesti penat sumer bende, kan?heheh..dah merepek dah aku nih..

guys, for those who still hv to sit for exams, i wish you all good for me, insya allah this is my last "exam week" in my life before i enter the other world as "manusia bergaji sendiri", wish me luck too!

and for my best budd, ida..i wish u gud luck..and cheerish our last "exam" moments together..hihi..cheerish laa sgt~

and for my lovely little sister, intan ernieza..good luck dek..miss yah!

11 April 2008

EngLish Drama Inter Form Competition Tunku Kurshiah College, 2008

hye guys..sorry lambat sket update..been very super busy lately..mmph..start 1st april jer, presentations problems with the 3 stooges in d group lg..damn F*** laa drg..and, finally i can take a deep breath again (even though kejap je actually) week on d 18th of april have 2 submit the thesis report already..and i hvnt finish yet!OMG!!!stuck kat section 2 lg..with the damn Literiture Review..ishhh...

Mmm..busy, busy gak but then still have to relax laa, for the "relaxation" destination, me and ida went to TKC to watch the's almost 5 years laaa xtgk ED..after 2003!, we departed from home around 530 pm..and arrived, about 650pm..i thought that we were a bit late..but actually,we were the FIRST visitor laa! hehe..semangat jenab tol! so, since it was still early laa kan..i took ida for the "school tour" laa..tunjuk sket mana dining hall..the setinggan and hollywood area..blocks..dorms..sickbay, classes..hah byk la!and again, i was the first gurl to sit at the hall and get ready to watch the tunggu tuh, sempat laa gak jumper a few teachers cm Ms Noraini, Pn Nora, Mrs Lee..and suprisingly, Mrs Lee still recognised me! and, we waited for about 45 mins before the Mc said "let the show begin!!"

Side show f1..ok la..choir!then d f1 drama title, Beauty is the Beast..same like us last time,they also have the so called "fairy god mother"!heh..then th f2 side show..huh..cant remember wat they performed actually..the daram title was Haunted By Hatred Pursued by Love..again the story bout a wicked witch cursed a gurl and that gurl was pursued by the love of a handsome king..(xensem pon)!hehe..ok laa citer die..

the f3 side show was awesome..a modern -dance with glow in d dark stuffs..their drama title was, was about a boy been kidnapped by the "mastermind" and that kidnapper asked for the wang tebusan..even though the story was a very simple story but then really funny especially apan's sister nye watak where she act as a french investigator dgn slang org french ckp English (like steve martin in the pink panther)!hehe..lawak..

f4's side show was ok..they just showed to us a video about the environmental issues like global warming..etc..then their drama, A Broken Promise was about the humans behaviors towards the was a drama that really had a messages especially for youngsters..

the f5's drama titled of riddle and was about the lame behavior of a witch also..cursed..cursed..and cursed..heh

colored-paper + spotlights for lighting effects, freeze style,smokes..dancing behind the white screen..----> These things are actually our trademarks kan?and, most of the juniors ikut kite!waa..we are the trend setter laaa...hehe

but guys after watching all the dramas, i think that WE ARE STILL THE BEST laa guys! no other batch can beat us in this ED thingy..hehe..our props, backdrops,costumes, effects,makeups etc. sgt berbeza ngn drg.. in fact, the f5, they only have 2 backdrops..but last time we had 4 backdrops!!amazing kan BATCH 9802 nih??hehe..

really miss Ed laaa..

the results???ok..ok..

best junior play:f2
Best side show:f3
Best Costumes:f5 kot
Best Senior: f4
Best script: f4
Best Overall:f4

ok laa guys..bye...