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22 April 2008


i know..most of u guys still have 2 face this boring situation lg kan..??exam.. i bet, nobody likes exam..rite?mmm..penat laa nak exam..but i wonder..exam penat or work is much more penat???exam penat nak study..penat rase keje mesti penat sumer bende, kan?heheh..dah merepek dah aku nih..

guys, for those who still hv to sit for exams, i wish you all good for me, insya allah this is my last "exam week" in my life before i enter the other world as "manusia bergaji sendiri", wish me luck too!

and for my best budd, ida..i wish u gud luck..and cheerish our last "exam" moments together..hihi..cheerish laa sgt~

and for my lovely little sister, intan ernieza..good luck dek..miss yah!