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24 April 2008


Perhubungan Jarak Jauh or Long Distance Relationship..

Most of us think that this type of relationship is not "going anywhere" kan? Mm..why ek??Yeah maybe its hard to trust someone now..even ur own balak..kan?(especially!). Bt, i wonder why..if u dont trust that guy from the start, why the heck that u agreed to be his awek??mmm..

actually both of them (awek+balak) kene laa trust and be loyal to each other..then only, this type of relationship, gonna be real..

but for me, i think long distance relationship is much more better than jumpe ur balak everyday..kan?ok..lets think ek..

if u have a balak who is now staying at Aussie..katakan la~korang akan ade mase untk diri sendiri kan?in fact u can lepak n hang out with ur frens without need to "report" to someone..kan? the same thing goes to ur balak laa..where he also can lepak n enjoy himself laa kat sana..

then biler ur balak tuh balik je malaysia, both of u guys will cheerish that moment like hell laa..coz, thats the only time u got to manje2 n syg2 with ur balak kan..

compared to couple yg slalu jumpe, asal jumpe je, gado..asal gado je jumpe..heheh..sebab gado??mm..sebab that gurl akan ckp kat balak die..

"owh..u nih asyik spend time ngn ur frens jer..kenapa ha?biler i nk hang out ngn my frens u xbg..its not fair laa cmtuh"

that mamat lak will say

"since when i xbg u lepak ngn ur frens?u tuh yg nak berkepit je ngn i 24 hours..sampai naik rimas"

hahah..end up..both of them akan salah kan each other..

but, i know..not every every couple camtuh..and not every couple yg practice LDR akan happy..of cos laa! but at least, i think the LDR couple will reduce the chance to BREAK UP their relationship..unless, ur balak had another gurl laa kat sana and he already cheated on you with that gurl..owh..dat is soooo damn sedey..huhu

as for me, we are all human..and we need our own private time without anyone sitting besides us..we do have secrets to be kept without telling anyone bout it..we all have the rights to control our own life.. so, dont u ever control ur balak or ur awek ketat sgt..ok..its ok to be jealous, coz it shows that u love that person..but not too jealous laa..later that person will get "sick with you"..hahah..anyway, someone told me that..

"relationship nih macam pasir..semakin kite genggam, semakin ia terlerai"mm..i wonder who that someone laa!!hahahah..

means that the more you control that person, the more chances you gonna lose them..