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30 June 2008


i think most of u guys knew that i really2 admire angie soo damn much..after i watched Tomb Raider in 2001, OMG! that was a great video-game action movie..

after that, i started to watch 3/4 of all her films..i read hundreds of articles bout her and watched thousands of interviews cut it short, as long as angie in it,I'LL WATCH IT!

ok..i'll tell u guys what i know bout this lovely lady..

she was born on 4th june 1975 which makes her 33 years old this year..

she dropped off her middle name which is her father's name "Voight"..becoz of that, her father, Jon Voight claims that angie had a mental problem..

she was known as a Kissing Gurl when she was in kindergarten coz she loves kissing boys and give them something cute as a token after that..hahah..

if im not mistaken, she started having sex when she was 14 years old..and that time also she started to love cutting and hurting herself..(self destruction)..she loves knives..and really skillfull in playing with them..she dreamed of becoming a funeral director one day..hahah

she married couples of time..1st with Johnny Lee Miller..the star in Hackers besides her..

after divorced with JLM, she married to Billy Bob Thornton star in Pushing Tin besides her..then, divorce..

and now, her DOMESTIC PARTNER is Brad Pitt..

there's 1 more..she also a bisexual...she had once in love with Jenny Shimizu..the star in Foxfire..she said that, she fell in love with Jenny the first second she saw Jenny..bcoz she thinks that Jenny is a beautiful woman..

from my observation, angie loves playing her lips with her fingers when she had nothing to do...i think, she has about 13 tattoos on her body..there are 3 tattoos that i really2 like..1 is on her back, across her neck..written "know your rights" ,another one is on her stomach, written in Latin but the meaning in English is "what nourishes me destroys me" and another 1 is a quote on her left forearm "a prayer for the wild at heart,kept in cages"..

talking bout tattoos, brad also has a tatoo..which angie herself draw at brad's lower back..heheh..soo sweet!

she has 3 adopted children and 1 biological child with the handsome brad pitt..

1st child name Maddox Jolie-Pitt..a Combodian boy..she calls Maddox as cute that is!hehe..angie has a POTTY DANCE steps with Mad, when Mad learned to potty trained..

2nd child Zahara Ethiopia gurl..the latest that i know, maybe angie will be looking foward for another adoption because she dont want Zahara to feel alienated for being the only "black" in the family..

3rd child name Pax Thien Jolie- Pitt..a Vietnam boy (older than Zahara)..actually she adopted Pax after giving birth to her biological child with i know bout Pax, he LOVES to jump..huhuh..most of the pictures or videos i watched, he was jumping at that momment..heh..soo cute~!yeah..1 of the reasons why angie adopted Pax bcoz,she wanted another Asian child to accompany Madness..hehe

4th child which is her biological child with Brad Pitt..Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.. OMG! shiloh has angie's lips,eyes and brad's nose..imagine how adorable she is?hehe..

Angelina Jolie is now waiting for her TWINS..due in August..cant wait to see them..

Angie's favourite word is NOW..

Least fav word is NO..

Fav sound, when her children laughing..

Non Fav sound, children in pain..

Angie's curse word is FUCK..hahah..

erm..dont be misunderstood a straight not lesbian or bisexual either..what makes me love angie is not only because of her acting..but also because of her humanitarian work.. she is the ambassador for UNHCR..she travels a lot to help people..she travelled to Pakistan, Africa, Iraq, Cambodia..she really wanted to reduce the poverty problems in those countries..what a big heart of Angie!

after watching videos to videos and flims to films.. and reading lot of articles bout her and journals of her humanitarian work, its all makes me more "in love" with Angelina Jolie..erm..dont be misunderstood again!hehe.. i really hope that 1 fine day, i will get the opportunity to meet her, becoz she hd opened up my eyes not to complaint bout anything!Oh GOD,help me!..

ok..take care everyone!and dont forget to watch Angie's new movie..WANTED! ive watched it on the 1st opening day!heheh

21 June 2008

HaPPy BiRthDay Ude!!

21 jun...

1st of all, thanx to those yg still can remember this date.. my lovely kakak :kak cibom, my bestest fren, Ida, my sweet lil sis intan ..and of cos, my fmly!..dira, hanim, emi n mamau yg wish gak..thanx! mr jauhari and his bro, mr budi..hehe..

to those yg x wish, hehe..its ok..i know u guys probably makan semut byk sgt!haha


what i wish for this year's bufday..

1- i wish ill be employed by a company..hehe (hopefully!)

2- i REALLY wish ida is here, celebrating this wonderful day with me..

3- i wish for a bufday cake also..mmm..( dad wont buy it for me..coz dah blanje pizza n tgk movie)

4- i wish that this"someone" will msg me and say.."happy birthday"!

5- and how i wish i could turn back time..ermm..maybe year 2000..

erm..but i realize that W.I.S.H is just a word..and anybody can even say it..even though not on his/ her birthday..hmmmm..

so guys, doa kan laa smoga aku panjgn umur n sempat nak membalas segala jasa2 ibu n ayah..kan? yeah..this one is the perfect one! ibu n ayah, thanks soo much for everything that u guys had done for me during this superb 23 years..u guys gave me a perfect and a wonderful life...

chalomere bette~

16 June 2008

MahliGaiMu DarI Air mAtaKu...

If im not mistaken, this song was a bit popular around 1990 -an.. and i still can remember the lyrics even mase tuh aku kecit lg..hehe..kecit2 dah jiwang agaknyer..suddenly terjumpe the karaoke video version for this song..enjoy..

Izinkan diriku meluahkan rasa
Maafkanlah aku andai kau terasa
Biar kupaparkan apa yang terjadi
Moga engkau tak ulangi

Sungguh tak kusangka kau berpaling tadah
Setelah lamanya menjalinkan cinta
Dalam diam-diam kau sudah berpunya
Tanpa aku menyedari semuanya

Aku mendoakan agar kau bahagia
Bersama si dia insan yang kau suka
Percintaan kita tak sampai ke mana
Setakat di bibir saja sayang

Kau bina mahligai dari air mata
Yang jatuh berderai di wajah sepiku
Hancurnya hatiku bisa tak terkata
Terhumban rasa diriku

Oh aduhai ku masih ingati
Janji manis dan saat romantis
Kau pintaku supaya setia
Akhirnya kau yang berubah

Oh tuhanku tabahkan hatiku
Temukan ku dengan ketenangan
Jiwa ini dibelasah rindu tetapi apa dayaku

Kucuba pejam mata tapi tak terlena
Kerana ku masih teringat padamu
Begitu payahnya nak ku melupakan
Pernahkah engkau fikirkan oh sayang...