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25 November 2008


Hye!!sorry for not writting this lately..erm..i guess its becoz, im TOTALLY blank recently..~ehehe, last week me n ida went to Cineleisure to watch the 1st place, we were planning to watch MAdagascar 2..but, the machine voice said "sorry, this movie session is not available" becoz, its FULL!fuhhh..tensionnyer saye...

quarantine is actually a re-film of a spanish movie (REC)..its about an apartment complex at LA been sealed by the US government becoz of some kind of desease like rabies..all the infected victims then attck everybody in that building..including a reporter and her cameraman who were also been trapped in that building..they were actully doing some kind of documentaries about fire fighter and followed Jake (1 of the fire fighter) for the night emergency call..

The storyline is good..the sound is superb..only, the camera is not GOOD...they use the "shaky camera tactics" for the, its kind of dizzy for me..

over 5, my rate for this movie is 4!

this is the last scene in the movie..where, nobody survives...
eating her own ker?

the aprtment owner (old man) been attcked by one of the infected victims..

"u want some, u get some..u want me, come and bite me."hahahha

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Papysnow said...

spoiler ah nurul~>:)