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01 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

yup! Happy New Year to you guys!!

another azam? but i guess last year's nye azam pon x capai lg..heheh..not only last year maybe..but..LasT 3x years..hahha..

sorry for not writting quite usual, BLAnK!!no idea wat to write okies...and im sooo in the super duper laziestttt mood...


everything's ok..

but im the one who is not OK ok..but nothing to do with work, or people around..just a personal prob maybe..huh! azam for this year..

1) i'll try to update more frequently..eventhough no one's reading it..
2) i want to love and be loved by someone..--->ahaqs!
3)reduce few kilossssssss maybe..--->ni laa azam yg still x dpt tuh..haha
4) be a good employee
5) be a good fren


huh!!UDE!!come on..face it..ko dah tua laa!hahah..

guys, so enjoy the new 2009 to da max ek..ehehe