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23 October 2008


oh yeah,

forgot to tell u guys that last week i went for an interview at Les' Copaque Production for the customer service n admin assistnt position...

and i waited for about 1 week to get the interview result...and today..around 11 o'clock..suddenly...

"oooo..i wont hesitate no more,no more.."---this is one is my ringtone laa.....hehe

"hello..assalamualaikum, boleh saya ckp ngn nurulhuda"-->the owner of kak ros's voice(last year series)

"walakumsalam..yer..saya bercakap"

"ok..regarding on the interview result, actually, kami nak amik awak..but then...."


".... we need to confirm with u first whether u agree with the salary that we offer or not.."


"yup..i dont mind with the salary.."

to tell you guys the truth, the salary range that they offered,not really suitable for a degree holder.. much more lower that those who work for PETRONAS,PNB,Bank Negara, or other diff Banks..(yelaa..Les'Copaque pon still "baby" lg in the animation field..but the talent,..fuhh..dasat.._)

but, i dont mind at all..becoz, YES, im a degree holder, but i have NO experience, and furthermore, the position that i applied do not need a DEGREE qualification as well..

so, i think i still dont have the rights to be soo demanding..and, its hard to find a job tho...and what makes me REALLY DONT MIND...

becoz, first...becoz of the company itself..owh.. i just LOVE Les' Copaque's animation soo in love with the Upin N IPin character..2nd, becoz...i LOVE art..only those who knew me know bout it..and 3rd is bcoz...

"ini sumer rezki dr tuhan..die tidak memberikan aku gaji yang besar dan kerja yang agak bagus semuanya bersebab..mungkin aku perlu belajar dari bawah untuk berjaya naik ke atas...atau mungkin DIA menempatkan aku di situ untuk mencari pengalaman untuk Dia menempatkan aku di tempat lain yang jauh lebih bagus dr itu.." (ayat aku muhasabah diri sendiri...)hehe

yer...aku redha dgn rezeki yang tuhan beri..., next week..maybe they'll call me to sign the agreement..

and i will start working on 1st guys..

please do pray for me so that..ill be more hardworking, responsible, and maybe .. damn nervous laaa..hopefully the working environment is OK, the people around pon OK, the job also OK..

ONLY then, I'LL BE OKAY...

ok laa.. bye2

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IdaMandarin said...

That wasn't me, it's Fizi. Ida Rahayu...