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14 October 2008



sorry for not updating for quite a while..been busy with work and life..

on jumaat a week before, apan n alut went to klia to give our last gudbye to ayna makkang..hehe..

these are the pictures..ade nadd + balak,buna + balak,ichik +balak, pear+her cousin, the very single & available me and apan , also single but not available alut..heheh

the happy us..

this is the MOST VALUEBLE PIc i think...tgk ayna..AYNA CIUM KETIAK UDE!!!!haha.. i bet, ayna been missing me to da max since this pic was taken..=)
..ok..these are raya pics.. first of all, let me introduce u guys to the so called "comforter"..hahah..

huhuhu..comfort food..or food for comfort..or comfort for food...heheh.. we've got..rendang daging here..sambal udang, rendang kerang..rendang itik, kuah kacang, serunding kelapa and asam pedas itik..
itik? yup..this is annual menu for raya!..never miss..tell you wat?itik is just as sedap as ayam! try la! ok..close up sket..

this is the rendang itik.."duck"..hehe..and after the "cooking session ended", time for cleaning session...

kitchen environment...heh!

living room environment..

akikuya..tell you wat, now, she can sing apek's song (aspalela) and also matta band song (ketahuan)..damn cute!

ok..this one during raya..eventhough we didnt manage to go to the studio..but i pon OK lah..rite?

so, Selamat Hari Raya..(raya sebulan kan?)..heheh

ayah+ ibu = abang, me, farhan n fareez..they complete me, and i complete them..erk..betol ker ayat nih? hentam saja laa LABI..hehe