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04 July 2007


a friend in need is a friend indeed..thats wat kiter slalu dengar org cakap kan?which is the best way to describe a bestfriend..but, there is another kind of friend yg sama cm bestfriend gak kan??which is a boyfriend or a, memandangkan mostly gurls yg baca blog nih, so better aku tulis bout boyfriend instead of girlfriend kan?

having a boyfriend or a boyfriendS dah jd cm trend among kiter now nih..and everybody is competing to get one. But the question is, DO WE REALLY NEED ONE???--->especially for those yg xde lg like me n (guys, u know who u are) =P

so, aku nk bg reason why having a best friend is much more better than a boyfriend!!


- we can just go to kedai RM2 OR KEDAI 5 hinggit or even pasar malam to buy a gift for bestfren but cube pikir if boyfren or balak kiter??ishh..xkan laa nk beli mende cikai2 tol x?so, its kinda creating a BIG HOLE in your wallet..


- we atleast need to ring bestfren for once a week, witjout ruining the frenship but, try laa buat kat balak korang...hahah..usually, watever u guys are doing, kene report kan?so that balak x marah..x merajuk n xrase diketepikan..kan?again...duit korng akan keluar cm air yg laju sebab kene topup kan? for those yg pakai postpaid or line, end of the month baru korang tau..hehehe


- usually best fren shows us their true colors..right?no such thing as HIPOKRIT or MUNAFIK..but boyfren or balak, usually shows us what we want to see and what we expected to see..kan?which is hipockrit laaa tuh..


- being with ur bestbudd is like being with ur own flesh and blood kan? u can talk nonsence things..gossiping...or even like me,apek,apan,alut,emi n bulu---->kitrng leh maki2 sesuke hati mak bapak x ingat dunie punye laa..and not even terase pon..hehehe..=P..but again, being with ur balak, u have to be the one that he wants you to be..sopan..ayu...ahaqs..uweekk


-bestfren is the best partner nak gossip kan??hehe..bout another person's love story mangkok nih dah clash die nih dah couple die nih nak couple laa..kan? but ur balak cant be ur gossip partner sebab takut nnt die ckp korang ni "jaga tepi kain org" kan?? is a normal thing for gurls kan?the most important thing is, with bestfren, u guys even can gossip bout ur own boyfren..kan??heheh

hehe..tu je laaa 5 reasons die..hope after u guys read this,(especially for sesape yg xde balak lg) korng realize that not having a boyfren or not having someone to call u "sayang", "honey", "manja" or "baby" is not a big deal!hehehe...pikir2 kan laa

decide laa sendiri..2 be in love or not to be?~

p/s: for those who already in a relationship, this doesnt mean u guys should break up..hehe