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26 July 2008

FOrGivE Me

To those people who used to be my friends..and to those who used to care about me..before~

Im so sorry..maybe ive hurt u guys without me realizing it..I didnt mean it maybe..yeah i

know..i was too selfish, ego n heartless to understand all the pain u kept inside..becoz of ME!

u guys can blame me for all things happened in ur life..i deserve it..

Im so sorry for all my wrong doings, and sorry if i had raised my voice towards you all..

and Im so sorry if ive ruined ur life..if Im the reason why u didnt get what u want in ur life..

yeah..BLAME ME!and let me carry all these thing alone..Coz u all deserve a better life, rite?

I know..i dont deserve to ask for anything rite now..But, please dont "throw" me away in ur life

and acted as if u didnt recognize me at all..i tell hurts me MOST!please..i beg you..

stop punishing me like this..GOD already gave me a lesson coz.. now, all things ive done to you or

to anyone ive hurt before, are playing like a video in my every dream..and i cant stop blaming

myself for not being a good PERSON to you...

A second chance? i dont desrve it rite?but, thats the thing IM ASKING FOR...a second chance..

Please let me be ur friend..again..please let me fix all these..and please appreciate me..again..

i know..some of u might be reading this ..or some not..if u are reading this, and if u were the one

been hurt by ME, please do forgive me..please..

The word "sorry" was my least fav word before..but now, only this word in my mind..

I read something that might be useful for you as well as me..

" berterima kasih lah kepada mereka yang menyakiti kamu..kerana mereka telah mengajar

kamu erti kehidupan dan merasai erti kesakitan..dan jangan sekali kamu memusuhi mereka..

malah, jika mereka masih belum berubah, pimpin lah mereka untuk berubah"

After reading this, i think that i still have a chance to change and fix everything...even though i

know its only less than 10% for me


1 comment:

Joan^Of^Arc said...

ignorance is bliss :D