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21 July 2008

WorKing, then its timE FoR = WeEKeNDs..hihih

hurm..yup! im already employed..but then only as a temporary staff at MAS..erm..ok laa its better for me to start working and gain an experience rather than sitting at home and chatting all day long!but im still waiting for the right job..even though im still a bit MALAS.. first day of work was on last Friday..lucky me cuz the next day, is SATURDAY! and me, ibu and the "baBBooNs" had to go back to Melaka for my cousin's engagement..HooRay!! (erm..not for the engagement thingy, but act, i LOVE Melaka)hihih..

erm..sorry dun have the pics of the engagement event la..cuz im not interested to join the "old folks" group to do the "engage" job..hahah..Sorry ibu cuz u were one of those people!hihihi

so, me and few of the "cipanzees" (nickname for my cousins..and they are all younger than me!) were soo damn bored and we started to play with the cameras..and here are the results...huhuh
me and shaqira..she's 16

me and shamimi..she's 13yrs old.. (qiera's sis)
me and the poyo eifa..she 16 also..
me and wardina..pakndak's daughter..she's 6..hehe
Pakndak suggested to watch the "midnight" movie at MBO Melaka..and there were 12 of us sitting at the centre of the cinema and the "babboOnS + CipAnzees" really cant stop making noise..!but all Of THEM fell asleep at the middle of the movie..what a waste!hehe..and we watched BATMAN : THE DARK KNIGHT..

herm..i LOVE Heath Ledger!he's sooo talented..n i love when he, (the joker) lick his lips..really Psycho!hehe..

erm..WhY So SeriOus Ek?
huhuh..and the next day,we went to atok's get all the rambutans that atok plugged for us..satu guni wey! and here are the pics at atok's..

atok's, areez n eifa..

farhan n eifa..

the crazeE Cipanzee..hahha
hurm..ok..thats all for now..chiow~