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12 August 2008

FigHterSZ GatH N CinOt's WedD

Finally~ huh..after a super duper exausted weekend..! i know..its kinda late to update bout the gath n the wedd..hehe..but what to a very busy + lazy lady recently!, here are the itinerary...

1st aug 2008 -

me, huda n apan departed from shah around 1.30 pm

transport: my savvy yg SAVING!=)

destination: Tunku KurshiaH cOllege..

but suddenly,

we had to change the destination from TKC to a TYRE SHOP..hah..coz i accidently langgar something n tayar PECAH!huh..but alhamdulillah, we arrived at college around 3pm..hehe..

Frogies with the flag!hahaha..

the silent reader~

FusBall @ band room..?? not in d pic coz i was too busy with my baby bass drum that moment!lepas rindu ler~

when there are no more rules, trust me, we can be FrIENDs actually..huhuhu..

me and "kaK ZAWIAH"..hahha..

BudiMAn hall~

tiang blue house!

erk..happy besday? heheh

me and the TheM~

2nd aug 2008,

yeay! jom serang umah Cinot!!..
venue: UmaH cInot, Tanjung Bidara..
Transport used: Savvy n Apek's..
departed : 1 pm..lambat!
arrived: not sure~lupe la!
OccaTioN: ciNot's WEDD..hehe

huhu.."alah omak, kawen kan UDE!"..hehe..cinot n hubby..

what a perfect background~huh..that was before i stepped on it..then, "prangg"..erk..sorry!

everybody just ignored the camera! FOOD is more important

when we are FULL, only now we can smile!

FiGhteRsz 9802! around 50-60 of us!

2nd aug (evening)
venue: atok's house..KruboNg..
timE : after blk berperang dgn makanan dr umah cinot!

baTtle venue: KebUn!

the front of atok's..


yeah.. i knew it..ONLY food can shut her mouth up!hahahah..erk..kusyuk nyer apan!
buna n ichik ( the makkangs) ..rambutan's lovers

the other makkang..

2nd aug (night) pics..but we went to Kota Laksamana for the super delicious asam pedas melaka for our dinner..n then straight to the Jonker Street for shopping n night walk..

3rd aug..

good byes moment..sob..sob..

anyway, thanx guys for the superb weekend!love ya..n friends 4ever..

calo mere bete~