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19 August 2008

I KiSSeD A GuRL, And I LoVE It!!!

My AkIkuYA...

i dont know what the hell is Akikuya means..but, we called this cute little angel, akIkuYA!!maybe bcoz of her japanese look..huhu! n if one of us call her "akikuya", she will definately say " hait!"..serious!how adorable she is....kan?

i kissed a gurl, and i love it! yeah..i kissed a gurl..BUT, this LITTLE GURL,ok?

i bet, u'll also LOVE IT!...

erm..not just adorable i guess..but talkative too!.. she can clearly say " ampun nenek" if my granma scold her..n of coz la..nak marah pon x jadi biler tgk how cute she is..
miss her like damn!

and now, her favourite word is.." Tau Tak Pe"

showing her "inai"

believe me, seriously, she was soo damn cute mase main "mende alah" kude nih..hehe

uwa..nak gigit pipi die..heheh..

yeah..forgot to mention..she's my cousin..amirah going back to Melaka this week..cant wait to bite her "gebu" cheek..hahahah..thats y she doesnt like me, i guess..hahahah..
guys, this video is for you..ayeem, specially KAMU!hahah


1 comment:

Joan^Of^Arc said...

seriously budak ini sangat comel :D