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10 August 2009

Hepi Belated Frenship Day! & Belated Birthday!

Dear all,

Yup..its been around 3 months i didnt update my blog..Lot of things happened and how i wish some of it was just a nightmare!serius, hectic life!

Ok, lets get back to the topic..hurm..Never forget bout frenship day before..But tahun nih, TERLUPE! i was in Ipoh mase tuh, and yet still lupe nak wish korang mase tuh!

Ok, this is for u guys..

Especially to: Ida, Apan,Apek,Cima,Nard,Mumu, Yus, Afiq and others..

Guys, Thank you so much for every single thing that you've done for me. Im so sorry for not being a great friend to you..I know that sometimes, what i said, and wHat i did can hurt you inside..Sorry if i had raised my voice towards you impurposely..Sorry~

I dont always say this to certain of you, but deep down inside, only God knows how much i appreciate you guys and how much I thank to God that our path crossed!

ni gamba mase kat suarasa Muar!

Oh ya..anyway,

Happy Belated Birthday to Mumu, Cima & Yuki..You guys ROCK! and i LOVE you, people!!


1 comment:

Papysnow said...

huhu, thankyou nurnur for the bd song gak XP